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Tonight was an absolute treat! Sarah’s coworker knew we were staying in Ballard and gave us a prime, pun intended, recommendation of a steakhouse close by the house. Asadero is a Mexican restaurant which specializes in, you guessed it, StEaK. Walking down the street you could see the the restaurant which had a quaint outdoor seating area with a rain cover, so dont be afraid to come out if its drizzling, it is Seattle by the way.

We walked in to the woft of freshly smoked meats and were seated right away. We sat inside the restaurant, due to the fact we had reserved a table 30 min prior to arrive through yelp (I recommend you get the app). Started off with a few drinks and subsequently ordered an appetizer. Sarah ordered the Argentinian Malbec and I had the spicy mezcalita, with compliments to the mezcal introduction from my buddy Matty. This jalapeno infused smoky delight woke we right up in time for the delicious Tuetanos, 2 fire roasted long bone marrows with cotija cheese and crostinis.

Such a great combo of salt and fat with the inclusion of the butter from the toasted crostinis. Be careful though, this bone can be deceptive, or shallower than you want. You’ll just keep digging into the bone with your utensil, using it as a shovel in a craze for more. Truly, there is never enough bone marrow.

We placed our dinner orders with our waitress. This place had great service so she checked on us freuqently. Meaning I ordered a few of those mezcalitas. We watched as multiple plates of large meats went past us… huge cuts like a small cow without legs, smoking by on a hot stones. I knew, at this point in my life, that I will never be vegan.

Mesquite fire wood and charcoal ovens cooked our orders to a medium rare. The El Ribeye and La Carne Asada came out on two painted clay plates. The presentation of the dishes definitely elevated the aesthic and even the taste of the foods. Again back to the, salt and fat. And now, bring in presentation.

They also provided six different sauces / salsas to compliment the meals. Chimmichuri was the hit with Sarah almost stealing if off my plate with her spoon. Sarah’s La Carne came out with Wagyu Chuck, a nopal catus paddle and a small chorizo. The ribeye came out as the sole performer with two sidekick sauces and the rest was history.

We ate without talking besides a few “Holy shits” and “this is so good”s and we finsished our meals.

Really amazing mexican steakhouse. I would recommend this place if you’re set on having steaks in the Ballard area.

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