Seattle- Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

It’s funny, as a travel nurse we can choose a place by the season. We chose to be in Seattle, WA from June through September, and it’s been beautiful, sunny and 75. So when the weather starts to change your activities tend to change with it. New to us, was a cloudy Seattle day, which is hilarious to think about because everyone in the world knows Seattle as cloudy and rainy.

So, we went to the drawing board and came up with heading downtown to the Chihuly Art Museum. I did some brief research on Chihuly and how glass is blown and wow, this art form is very complicated to master and breath taking to see completed. Just check out these photos posted up here…It’s amazing to understand that each piece was blown individually and constructed for a specific purpose within the piece. Truly masterpieces of the glass blowing world. 

Before setting out to the museum we purchased two tickets online for $30 (Tickets Here) each at a specific time interval, which is every 15 minutes. QR codes are on the phone, so tickets were quick, and the lines were short. We took our time and read all the script in each section and viewed each piece with no time constraints. There were waves of people but if you waited a few minutes, you could see the artwork without so many people, they moved through the museum with a quick pace.

After viewing the incredible works by Dale Chihuly and his team (About Dale Chihuly). We were able to sit down for one of the glassblowing which happen every hour and to say that glass blowing is hard is an understatement. Ill be posting a video soon once I know how to edit the multiple videos I took of the demonstration… 

We ended up staying for a while because they had some delicious smelling wood coal fired pizza. We ate and the foods and headed out. It was a day that inspired me to be more creative and it was the first time in my life I left a museum saying, “That was truly amazing”.

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  1. I haven’t been there, but now I’m saving it for a rainy day! Thanks dude. That pizza looks great too.

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