Seattle- Lake Union Hot Tub Boat

The end of July is a perfect time to take a dip in the cool waters of Lake Union. However, I never thought I’d be half-naked in a wood fired hot tub…

Yesterday I was invited spontaneously to join a few friends at Lake Union for a hot tub boat ride. I was confused about the concept, but I didn’t question the logistics. I briefly thought, “oh maybe it’s a boat and there’s a hot tub on it” or “it’s probably one of those party boats with a few different groups on it” but regardless I said yes to my friends and tagged along.

We walked down to the docks on Lake Union around the Wallingford area and came upon a small floating village. There was a little sign that stated, “Lake Union Hot Tub Boats”. I looked around and I didn’t see any large boats with a mass of people boarding.  Subsequently, I was told it was Jamie’s private party and to sign a quick QR code waiver. As a self-proclaimed “yes man”, I didn’t bat an eye or look to much closer at the boats or the cost of the ride and signed my life away on the waiver.

Walking up to the boat I couldn’t believe my eyes…. The boat was basically “the” hot tub. The fiberglass hull was submerged in the water and the water within it was heated by a large wood fired stove. The stern of the boat had a trolling motor with steering and a Bose speaker you could play music on. We changed in their little hut and were given phone dry bags for the trip. The trip was two hours long and costed about $250.00. You can check out the website here (

I brought some mugs for cocktails and made some delicious ginger mojitos with Som ginger shrub, mint lime and sugar. Seemed to be a hit by the cheers of compliments on the boat. If you plan on going with your friends bring plenty of booze because it went down like drinking water in a desert. We scooted around Lake Union for the two hours taking in the downtown skyline and the many single engine sea planes taking off and landing. Finished the day by docking and filling up their recycling can with the empty carcasses of alcoholic seltzers floating around in the cooler and left for a hearty lunch. I recommend doing this trip on a hot sunny day, but it would have been just fine on a cloud covered cold one. The wood fired stove gets plenty hot when you open that furnace…

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