Seattle- Mariner’s Game

Crazy thoughts arrived in my mind when I was asked to go to the Mariner’s game on Sunday. I was coming off a night shift… in this agreeable delirium haze I wasn’t entirely sure what I agreed to. Let me explain. After 12 hours of overnight work, decisions are made like a drunk toddler with optimism, trying to take the big wheel for a ride. Questionable, at best. I would only be sleeping from 8-11am. So… I did. I slept for a solid 3 hours post shift then woke up for the baseball game. Was it worth it, Absolutely.

It was a gorgeous Sunday in Seattle! We headed over to our newest travel nursing friends place before ubering over to the T-Mobile Stadium. I met Jamie and Bijan at orientation at Harborview Medical Center and we hit it off pretty quick over stories of sketchy bicycle purchases and quick invites to beer gardens. I knew they were on the same band-width, active and fun. (They have a blog too!)

We ubered over to the game and headed to our seats. However, you can also use the Light rail getting off at the Link stadium or International District/Chinatown stations. It’s just a few blocks away. 

Jamie bought the tickets due to the fact she knew the section with the best view of the city. Section 320, had some spectacular views of Seattle Downtown and where we worked at Harborview.

Side Notes:
You can find tickets at (Tickets Here) which will send you over to Ticketmaster. They have QR codes to access the stadium on your phone. If you bring a bag make sure you read the T-mobile stadium bag policy before arriving here (Bag Policy). It was a good thing Sarah brought a small bag. They searched it, tagged it and gave it back fairly quickly, but a supervisor had to be present

Back to the story…You may be thinking the “nose bleeds”, you’re kidding. Yes, they are further away from the players yet we were able to see the game just fine, or to our liking. Most importantly there were less crowds at the ole beer stands.

Great fun, conversations, beer and hotdogs were had. Ziggy Ziggy Party beers were the staple that day… This tends to enhance most experiences. Especially post night shift…

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