Seattle- Strawberry Festival

Light poked through the blackout curtains this morning and woke me up fairly early, that’s Summertime in Seattle I guess! Getting ready for the Water Taxi ride over to Vashon island. We’re using the King County Water taxi (click here). For this event they are running a shuttle every hour for the day!

We’re bringing some reusable water bottles with us because this is a “no waste event”! Also in the times of Covid, bring a mask for ubers and the water taxi.


We boarded the Water Taxi towards Vashon and climbed up to our seats. It was a profoundly beautiful Seattle day, 71 degrees and partly cloudy with a fresh breeze in the air. It made for good taxiing weather. We got into Vashon with a few puzzled looks…. No signs for the festival or pick up areas.

Walked over to the local bus stop and luckily overheard someone grumble, “is this bus for the festival!” some long haired hipster asked the driver…. Ears perked and we hopped on the bus! We took the 118 and paid $2.75 cash each for the trip to SW Bank Rd where the we start eating and drinking our way around The 3-4 square block strawberry festival.

$5/pint Fresh Strawberries

Feels as if there is an obligation to purchase Strawberries at the Strawberry festival. Let me tell you… so worth it. $5/ pints of fresh farmed goodness… filled with flavor and are super sweet. Clearly, after snacking … we do what every normal foodie does… we got more food…we subsequently ended up eating some fresh Croissants at a local bakery… the chocolate was the clear winner.

After walking around the markets admiring some of the artistry and fruits. We decided to run down to the main event stage outside Vashon Market. The Cumbieros (click here to take a listen) kicked off a fiery set of music including a Selina mash up. Great tunes to ramp up the festival!

Beer Garden

Pretty good brews here!

Iyad’s Syrian: Chicken Shawamra

This was the local vendor outside Vashon Market. Chicken Shwarma, super fast Syrian food.

Iyad’s Syrian: Balvava

We watched a few more bands and hit the road back to Seattle for the day. We ended up taking the 118 bus shuttle to and from the Vashon Ferry port to SW Bank Rd for the festival. It ended up being a good time, yet be wary of the bus and water taxi times. The bus schedule can be pushed back and you may miss the water taxi.

Tid Bits:

– Bring a bag with some snacks, water, and sunscreen, getting to and from Seattle and back to your hotel/apt. is a haul, took us over an hour and a half.

– Bring Cash unless you have an Orca Card (click here) for the bus & water taxi (you can buy water taxi tickets with a CC at the pier though)

– Have a post beer nap on the return Water taxi


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