Seattle- Sunset Sailing

Heading out to Pier 56 for the Sunset Sail through It’s a 2 hour Sunset Sail from 7:30pm-9:30pm. Its BYOB or you are can buy wine and platters on their website.

We were able to purchase some pre-beers at the host desk. Ranier beer special!

Motored out! on the Neptune Car, a 38 person capacity sailing vessel. Sitting on the deck and enjoying our first few beers while the motor sputtered our way into Puget Sound. Anticipation set in… are we setting the sails…

Leaving Pier 56 on the Neptune Car

A few minutes in the crew members were hoisting up the main sail and subsequently the front sail. Things were happening! I seriously thought we were motoring the bay for the evening…. We.Were.Sailing.

Sailing Crew: Andrew, Sarah, Jamie, And Bijan

Sailing is an incredible feeling. Wind howling around you, hair back and semi sideways. The push from the air with no motor whinning…very freeing.

Sailing the Puget

After about an hour or so we came into this quaint bay area where we were able to swing around and snap a selfie with our competing vessel, Obsession, another 70 ft long Sailing Ship we went out with.

Obsession Vessel Selfie

Few glassses of wine and our cheese platters made for great entertainment… pouring, drinking, eating, while completely sideways. It had its challenges but worked out beautifully. The sun set over the Olympics and we were headed back to Seattle, Pier 56.

Purple Wheel Goes Round

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