Seattle- Von’s 1000 Spirits

So in recent times there are many ways to find a place to chow down on some delicious bites, but finding a good pizza joint that has cocktails… ehh, Im not sure if i was going to make it happen. However, after perusing a few recommendations and a quick Yelp search, Von’s stood out above the competition. 1,800 reviews! and a “oh yeah a a few people from work recommended Von’s”…we had to try it out for ourselves.

Compliments to Anthony Bourdain who introduced me to Negronis a few years back RIP A.B. “A Negroni is a perfect drink, as far as I’m concerned”

Spicy Fig Prosciutto and Arugula
Whipped Chevre and Almond Pesto Pizza
Damn Good Wings

Well Id be writing faster If i wasnt drooling on my screen from reliving this food masterpiece last night. I mean WOW, 10/10 knocked my socks off, pure joy all around. From start to finish, this place is hands down a stand up joint good for casual or an up scaled date night. Nothing was bad, I mean nothing. Negroni, A+ crushed it, Bourdain would be proud. The food delectable and fresh. I will be coming back to try the Handmade Sourdough Pasta.

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