Travel Nursing

be a travel Nurse

Throughout this blog, I will be posting information on travel nursing specific tools and information to help you as a new or current travel nurse. I will also provide recommendations for outdoor activities, restaurants, and events in areas you may travel to (Link to Blog).   

  • How to choose a Travel Agency? (Click here)
  • How to prepare for your first  assignment (Upcoming)
  • Housing Logistics and Tax Residence (Upcoming) 
  • FAQs about Travel Nursing (Upcoming)

Tools and hacks

In near future! There will be posts specifically on how to navigate the Travel Nursing Profession. 

Here’s what to look forward to: 

  • Free Report Sheet PDF for floor nurses (Upcoming) 
  • E-Book: Travel Nurse Life: How to start the Travel Experience (Upcoming) 
  • Continued information on activities, restaurants, and events in an area you may be traveling to (Click here for Blog posts) 


Make the jump into Travel Nursing and you’ll be free of the Staff nonsense. I hope these pictures inspire you to take the leap!